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Regional (Rural & Coastal)
0422 393 794 Principal Office 227 Burwood Rd, Hawthorn, 3122

Our View

Corona Virus

Has caught us unprepared and generally causing chaos in the economy.

Property Market:

Following the stock market collapse in Mar 2020, confidence has evaporated.

Building Industry:

For those wanting good value, good prices are possible due to a general fall in demand. 

Our director, Simon Waters has wide experience in the industry, trained at Melbourne University. Today, this award winning firm has extensive networks with trusted consultants and contractors built up over decades. Our clients range from Prime Ministers & judges to young couples and everyone in between!

Member  since 2016 

Founder 2017

Examiner since 2005; Registered architect since 1978.

Board Member 2018-19



Inside the museum, infinity goes up on trial
Voices echo - this is what 
Salvation must be like after a while

You can hear the night watchman, click his flashlight
Ask himself - is it him or them that's insane?

Bob Dylan

Visions of Johanna             


37 Stanhope St, Armadale

Recently sold, we renovated this property some years ago.

Stone Fire Place

Barwon Heads beach house.

Under construction, we are using Moroccan Limestone for the top & hearth with Granite slabs vertically.

Eco Outdoor, Richmond