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For those who want the visceral experience of a physical model, we printed this one in 4 parts, roof and three floors so it can be taken apart and each floor studied in detail. Another advantage of using 3D cad over 2D.

Explore your design.

Virtual Reality is now a standard part of our service and we can't imagine being without it.

Its difficult to express in words how effective this new tool is in the design process but we are now able to view cad files directly rather than having to export into VR language. This link shows how >

It means you are actually walking around in a 3D hologram of your drawing, able to grasp the scale of your future building long before construction starts.

It has changed the way we design a project, both in feed back to our clients and ourselves. We can "road test" an idea at the very start, before progressing very far. For example, you can preview what it would be like to have a sloping or coved ceiling in your extension by putting on the headset and looking around. You can even visualize the view.

If you are thinking about starting a project we invite you to experience a free VR session - seeing is believing!

As a client, ask your potential designer / architect if they offer VR - you deserve it.

New for this year 

  • Recent system upgrades enable 2 people to explore their project simultaneously. "Hey Jane, I'm in the kitchen now, have a look at this!"

  • Free to clients of Simon Waters in our VR studio
  • VR service by quotation to other architects / designers
  • Enhanced interior fitout sessions available on request (ave cost $600)

Exciting applications

  • A leading German car maker wants a fully immersive preview of their new Australian show room. Virtual reality provides the answer so they can "get it right" before construction starts.
  • A well known museum is thinking of reshaping some of their interiors. Again, the VR experience on site enables a fully informed decision on exactly what changes to make, the closest thing to building a full scale model.

Panorama commercial fitout example - pan around the space you see on the screen. (Not true VR but a very nice tool)