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1  How is the budget set?

People usually have a vague idea of how much they want to spend as well as a list of expectations for the project. Its important to keep an open mind at this stage and your architect can help you formulate a realistic budget if you need assistance. Many of our clients are young families where the budget is very important, so the early discussions are critical to keeping things on track. Often they have shopped around and maybe even engaged a drafts man, believing an architect would be expensive. But we have proven many times that competent design decisions by an architect actually save money with an efficient, appropriate solution.

2  How does that happen?

We prefer to carry out a concept design based on your detailed brief before any agreement is signed. This enables the budget and dreams to match to a reasonable extent. Its a low cost exercise intended to create the project and includes a floor plan, an elevation as well as a cost estimate.

3  What next?

When we all agree on the basics of what is to be built it is usual to sign an agreement on the next steps. I recommend the AIA standard agreement which is very fair to both parties. This takes you through the documentation needed for planning & building permits, all the way to selecting a builder and construction.

4  What if something goes wrong?

Don't worry - in the unlikely event things go hay-wire we carry PI insurance but we are proud to say it has never been necessary for this firm to make a claim.

5  Can you help us find a good builder?

Anyone can find you an expensive builder. The art is to get one who can deliver a quality result at a reasonable price without going miles over time. The only way for that to happen is by having a network of people you can trust who want to continue the relationship. This takes years of hard work and patience to develop.