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Staff - Position available for experienced Revit operator. 

Contact the office for details.

Builders - Submit your CV for projects we have available.

Client Corner

A warm welcome to 

Morgan & Ed, Camberwell

"...thrilled, beyond thrilled!"

John, Geelong

"Simon's quiet persistence got us our permit"

Mark & Alea, Nth Balwyn

    "Better than I expected"

Gavin & Gail, Yea

"I cannot speak more highly..."

Jenny & Andrew, Queenscliff

   "Love the VR"

Khaled & Pascale, Brunswick

   "You are reading our minds" 

Renee, Kew

   "Wow - so quick! Thank you!!"


There are two ways of producing the required drawings today for construction use -

1 Two Dimensional

This includes the traditional method, on paper as well as Cad. Whist simpler to produce, it is not as accurate, relying on manual effort to keep everything consistent.

2 Three Dimensional

A more advanced system, giving far greater accuracy but placing more demands on the architect / designer. It also enables new technologies such as virtual reality.

Architect's Services



We work with a top designer to ensure seamless integration of buildings and landscape

Video - Getting Started

A short introduction from Simon on commencing a project.

Council Links

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We aim to build trust by working closely with our clients from the very beginning.
Realistic goals are set with the benefit of decades of experience.

There is no point having dreams that can't be met so we try our best to ensure the budget and the brief are balanced.

Most of our clients remain friends for years and we often return to do further work on buildings completed well in the past.

We only associate with the best suppliers and contractors available. This ensures we stay at the cutting edge but also can deliver great outcomes at a reasonable price.

The hardest bit of all. Especially when it comes to renovations. For larger jobs a professional cost estimator can be used but if your architect has enough experience, they should know what the job will cost, subject to market conditions and your choice of materials & quality. This link is a handy first start to forming a budget.

DYI Budget Estimator


Towong. Probably the most historic & picturesque picnic races you'll find anywhere, located in the Upper Murray.